Welcome to GWTS

Global Wholesale Telecom Services (GWTS) is a full service international technology company that specializes in providing Information Technology, Telecommunications, Network Infrastructure, and Project Management solutions to global businesses.

We represent over 128 leading IT, Telecommunications, Cloud, SaaS (Software as a Service), and Technology Solutions vendors through our Tier-1 global business partner relationships.

GWTS’s solutions focus solely on the innovative use of existing and emerging technologies to solve complex business problems for the dynamic telecom and information technology markets.  GWTS provides companies such as the Global 500, Call Centers, Service Providers, and enterprise businesses the ability to obtain industry leading technology solutions at a fraction of the cost that they receive through direct channels.  We even provide onsite personnel for technologically advanced projects that require ongoing network and project management services.

Imagine saving 50% on your current IT, Telecommunications, SaaS and Network expenses each and every month?

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Exact Same Tier-1 Vendors
        Exact Same Solutions          50% Average Savings
IT Solutions
GWTS’s customers always experience the same bottom-line results when working with our company to implement and deploy various IT, Telecommunications and global Security Solutions.  We understand the requirements of various markets across multiple disciplines and channels.
Telecom Solutions
GWTS has built its reputation on providing advanced voice and data solutions on six continents.  We provide our customers the ability to choose their preferred ‘brand name’ telecommunications service providers at an average of 50% monthly and yearly savings.
Our Vision
Founded in 2003, GWTS is widely regarded as a market leading international IT, Telecommunications, Network Infrastructure, Cloud, SaaS,and Project Management Solutions company. The company has built a solid reputation with its 128+ global business partners and international customers as a successful and high integrity company.  Today, GWTS's vision continues as we are focused on empowering our customers in making informed choices about services, technology, and cost savings on the exact same services they purchase today...
Mission Statement
GWTS’s goal and objective is to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality services and solutions at a major price advantage compared to any other direct or channel offering in the market.  We strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering the ability to pick and choose the best-in-class solution across all global Tier-1 leading vendors.
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